Johnston Manufactured Homes

Builders Of The $195,000 3-Bedroom Home.

Building Homes In Factories, On High-Speed Assembly Lines.


Housing Crisis


Solved - The European Way

Our Mission

To manufacture quality homes, as economically affordable as possible.

The Problem

Canada’s housing crisis is caused by private and corporate investment firms snapping up every house and apartment complex they can get, but also the fact that houses are still being made from scratch, on site – the slowest and most expensive way to build them.

Europe’s Housing Solution

Europe’s population and immigration, is heading towards the one billion mark, their solution, building houses in Factories, mass production of houses, which also enables economies of scale, further reducing the cost of housing.

In 2020 China built an entire 1,000-bed covid Hospital, in only 10 days, and they accomplished it by building the hospital in a Factory first, and then assembled it on site.

The WEINMANN Company of Germany, is a manufacture of House-Manufacturing machinery, they have a short YouTube video of their machines in action.

Johnston Homes Solution

Our Solution Is A Two-Step Process.

First, we will construct House-Factories that will use high speed assembly lines and automated processes to assemble quality-built houses - the same way cars are assembled.

The Second Step, Is The Most Important.

If we simply sold our factory-built homes on the open market, the same people who are buying up everything would just do the same to us, to prevent this, we will partner directly with cities and provinces. Cities will place orders for our homes based on how many housings lots they have available. Cities will have home buyers apply to purchase one of our homes, giving priority to working families who have the greatest need. Cities can also use the homes to attract city workers, for example Nurses with families, can be given a priority to purchase a home, and since Johnston Homes are far below current market value, the nurse would have their pay reduced, a savings for taxpayers as well.

If an owner of a Johnston Home wants to move out, they Must sell the home back to Johnston Homes' for the same price they paid for it, where it will be resold for the same price. This will help Stabilize the over all housing market and bring the market Down to a more affordable level.

The Details

After a house plan has been approved, it will go into production, buyers that have been approved by their city, can place their house order with us. Each production run will be the same house plan, this will allow us to keep the production output high and cost as low as possible. To make the homes look more unique, buys can install there own outside siding or brick work, as well as install custom kitchens. Buyers will also need to paint the walls and install flooring.

Building House-Factories

With four (4) House-Factories built in Ontario and eight (8) more built throughout Canada, each House-Factory can produce a three bedroom home every few hours. Note, it can take up to 24 hours to build a house, with the drying times of some glues and silicones, but those processes will be done the day before, allowing houses to still come off the assembly line every few hours.

The Math

Producing 12 homes a day X 5 days = 60 homes a week.

60 homes a week X 52 weeks a year = 3,120 homes per year.

3,120 homes per year X 12 House-Factories = 37,440 a year.


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Johnston Homes is located in Trenton, Ont.

President – Elmer Johnston